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Ways to contribute

As a designer, here are some of the contributions you can make:

New feature or enhancement

Work with the PatternFly design team to design a new feature to be implemented in the PatternFly library.

Example I want to design and contribute a new design pattern that allows a user to favorite or like an item in a data list.

The PatternFly design team is comprised of a small number of visual and interaction designers who define the visual look and feel of the PatternFly library and provide direction to developers when implementing new features and enhancements. The team works following an agile process. All work is tracked and managed via a Zenhub project board. You can look at the Design Backlog column on the project board to see issues needing design help or open a new issue to propose a design.

Design guideline

Design guidelines appear on the website and help designers to apply PatternFly components in their designs. They are use case and solutions driven.

Example I want to add guidelines for how to apply labels and tags to organize objects.

You may open an issue in our patternfly-org repo to propose a new design guideline page or update an existing guideline, and work with the PatternFly team and stakeholders to author and publish your new content. Visit Contributing to patternfly org for designers for detailed instructions about how to author and contribute design guideline content.

PatternFly design kit

The PatternFly design kit is a Sketch library that makes it easy for designers to create high-fidelity mockups using PatternFly components.

Example I want to implement a new component in the PatternFly Sketch symbol library.

To open an issue or browse existing issues, visit the patternfly-design-kit repo on GitHub.

If you are interested in contributing to any of the projects above, feel free to reach out to us on the patternfly-design channel on Slack.

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