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Community extensions

Community extensions are developed and maintained by members of the PatternFly community. They are often more solution-based than core PatternFly components, may be subject to change, or be experimental in nature. Anything worthy of being shared across projects may be contributed as a community extension. Occasionally a community extension may be promoted as an officially supported extension if and when usage is proven across multiple projects and it can be abstracted from any project-specific use cases.

Community extension components do not undergo the same rigorous design or coding review process as core PatternFly components and are not supported directly by the PatternFly team. The community extensions are also not audited for accessibility compliance by the PatternFly team. For support, open issues in the project Github repositories and join the PatternFly Slack workspace.

Contributing extensions

Anyone can add assets to the community component index. To request a new community extension, submit a pull request against the patternfly-org repo and add your component to extensions-data.js. Requests will be reviewed and approved by the PatternFly team.

Available components

  • Catalog view

    Implements a catalog view using PatternFly components.
  • Console

    Implements a React-console extension.
  • Topology view

    Implements a topology view.
  • Virtualized table

    Implements a virtualized table that supports infinite scrolling.

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