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Info alert:Beta feature

This Beta component is currently under review and is still open for further evolution. It is available for use in product. Beta components are considered for promotion on a quarterly basis. Please join in and give us your feedback or submit any questions on the PatternFly forum or via Slack.



With complex toolbar

With header component

5019 lines



datastring''String data being sent by the consumer
footerReact.ReactNodeComponent rendered in the log viewer console window footer
hasLineNumbersbooleantrueFlag to enable or disable line numbers on the log viewer.
hasToolbarbooleanConsumer may turn off the visibility on the toolbar
headerReact.ReactNodeComponent rendered in the log viewer console window header
heightnumber600Height in pixels of the log viewer.
itemCountnumberundefinedNumber of rows to display in the log viewer
loadingContentReact.ReactNode''Content displayed while the log viewer is loading
onScroll({ scrollDirection, scrollOffset, scrollOffsetToBottom, scrollUpdateWasRequested }: { scrollDirection: 'forward' | 'backward'; scrollOffset: number; scrollOffsetToBottom: number; scrollUpdateWasRequested: boolean; }) => voidCallback function when scrolling the window. scrollDirection is the direction of scroll, could be 'forward'|'backward'. scrollOffset and scrollOffsetToBottom are the offset of the current position to the top or the bottom. scrollUpdateWasRequested is false when the scroll event is cause by the user interaction in the browser, else it's true. @example onScroll={({scrollDirection, scrollOffset, scrollOffsetToBottom, scrollUpdateWasRequested})=>{}}
overScanCountnumber10Rows rendered outside of view. The more rows are rendered, the higher impact on performance
scrollToRownumber0Row index to scroll to
theme'dark' | 'light''light'Flag indicating that log viewer is dark themed
toolbarReact.ReactNodeToolbar rendered in the log viewer header
widthnumberWidth in pixels of the log viewer.


placeholderNo type info'Search'

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